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"Creating a better environment tomorrow by the practices we use today."

Enright Land Management

Established in 2011, Enright Land Management provides quality land management and rural pest eradication services throughout the Hunter Valley region. Our reputation is built on the back of quality customer service and hard work. Over the years, the demand for our services has grown and we have expanded from a single vehicle and two employees to a team with vast levels of experience and a fleet of vehicles and equipment.

We have also expanded our services to cater for the demand of our current and expanding clientele. As a family owned and operated business, we strive for the complete package for our customers, while aligning to our ultimate business mission – improving the natural environment by bringing balance to nature and allowing native flora and fauna to prosper.

We reduce and remove competitive species
to enable the
natural environment to thrive.

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Our Services

Enright Land Management has developed a vast range of land management services catered to the needs of our clientele. Throughout our company’s history, we have worked to expand our services and we continue to work with the government and private sector organisations to develop new strategies and services to further help sustain the natural environment. Our services include:

Our knowledgeable team can identify and manage weed infestations throughout your property and make recommendations on how to best eradicate weed infestations, without damaging the environment around them. We utilise sophisticated GIS mapping software to deliver interactive and quantitative data about weed populations and how best to manage them.

Enright Land Management understands the impact that feral animals can have on the environment and your livelihood. We can deliver quality eradication and control services to reduce the impact of feral animals on your surroundings, including wild dogs, rabbits, pigs, goats, foxes and deers to name a few. We can also assist with the control of kangaroo populations.

At Enright Land Management, we are stocked with the equipment to provide quality grounds maintenance services including mowing, mulching, slashing, brushcutting, and gardening services. Our team are also qualified in tree removal and rehabilitation services.

We actively promote environmental bushfire management services and apply prevention measures to reduce the potential risk of bushfires during the summer season. This includes ploughing and slashing property boundaries clearing excessive vegetation around property infrastructure, and maintaining tracks and fire trails.

At ELM, we actively encourage environmental revegetation and soil regeneration by working with you to replant trees and shrubs, damaged due to mining, natural disasters, or development. We work to create new ecosystems through tree replanting and replace degraded soil to their pre-interrupted state. We plan for spatial awareness, considering the required habitats and revegetate in the most viable methods available for the environment. We consider the existing habitat prior to damage and replant similar species of trees, plants, shrubs and florals to support thriving ecosystems.

Our team at Enright Land Management can provide quality rural fencing installations and repairs. We can also assist in repairing damaged fencing and the removal of redundant fences.

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The History Of Enright Land Management

Enright Land Management was established in 2011 with the goal of delivering quality land management services that led to the promotion of more sustainable and prosperous environments for future generations. Initially, the business consisted of just two men, with one ute, a spray unit, and a small collection clientele. Hard work and dedication to quality service led to an increased demand for their services and more and more clients willing to work with the Enright Land Management team.

Over the next 10 years, Enright Land Management expanded their inventory, gaining numerous vehicles and equipment to enhance the services that they provide. As their clientele grew, the company employees also grew to cater for the demand.

On the back of quality services and positive word of mouth, Enright Land Management continues to thrive into the future.

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The Enright Commitment To Safety

Enright Land Management’s commitment to safety has been strong since day one. The strength of our safety record is due to our high safety standards and the commitment of our team to look out for each other and to ensure that safe work practices are being adhered to and everyone returns at the end of each shift safely. We strive to be consistent in our practices and ensure that all team members are trained in appropriate service methods in line with government standards and regulations.

Our Extensive Clientele

Enright Land Management is committed to its customers. We strive for professional services day in and day out. Our current clientele consists of

If you are interested in joining our clientele, reach out to the team at Enright Land Management. We will be happy to assist you with all your land management requirements.

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Work with Us

Our greatest asset is our team.

At Enright Land Management, we work together as a team to continue to provide the best service possible to our clients. The team’s commitment to improving the environment by providing quality services to our clients in a safe and efficient way has contributed significantly to the continued growth and success of the company.

We are currently recruiting, with positions available for both experienced applicants and those who are interested in this field and ready to learn. If you are interested in joining the Enright Land Management team, please fill out our expression of interest form below, upload your resume, and detail why you would be an asset to the Enright Land Management team.

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Enright Land Management is committed to delivering quality services to our professional clientele. If you have any questions regarding our services or are interested in engaging with Enright Land Management, get in touch with us using the details below or fill in our enquiry form and our team will be in touch with you shortly.

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